Don’t Miss These Vet Tech Gifts for Vet Tech Week

Vet Tech Gifts for Vet Tech Week

Hey, you! Yeah, you, the one scrolling through endless gift options for Vet Tech Week. Stop right there — you’ve landed in the right place. Love Huvet has got your back on all things vet tech gifts for Vet Tech Week or anytime you want to celebrate a veterinary professional in your life!

If this is the first time you’re hearing about Vet Tech Week aka Veterinary Technician Appreciation Week, check out our blog post Celebrating Vet Tech Week 2023 to learn more about this annual veterinary holiday. You’ll also find tons of ideas on how to make Vet Tech Week special or how to celebrate the veterinary technician(s) in your life.

Now before we get to the gifts…

Let’s get personal: personalized vet tech gifts

Before we share some of our best-selling vet tech gifts and exclusive bundles, let’s talk about what really matters when it comes to vet tech gifts. 

Your techs aren’t expecting you to blow your budget, they just want to feel seen, valued, and appreciated. They understand if you can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars on vet tech gifts but gifting them random items that nobody would ever want or (maybe worse) corporate swag that nobody would ever wear just isn’t going to cut it.

We asked over 150 veterinary technicians in our community what their employer, managers, and veterinarians could do to help them feel appreciated during vet tech week and the number one choice was personalized gifts. 

Some people said they would love personalized vet tech gifts in the form of instruments, accessories, or clothing with their name or title on it. Others said that to them a personalized gift meant a gift that was curated to the things they like.

If you feel like you don’t know each of your veterinary technicians well enough to pick out vet tech gifts that they will absolutely love (or maybe you just want to 100% guarantee you’re grabbing their favorite snacks), then create a physical or digital form they can fill out to share their preferences and favorite things (you can use Google Forms or just write it on a piece of paper + make copies).

We offer custom vet tech gifts

And if you are interested in ordering vet tech gifts with your staff’s names or titles — or creating a totally custom project that your vet techs will love — we would love to help make your dream a reality. Check out our customs page for more information or send us a DM on Instagram / email to tell us more about your project.

8 Must-Have Vet Tech Gifts

Alright, let's cut to the chase. You're not here for a history lesson; you're here for vet tech gifts that are as awesome as the people receiving them. Here are some of the best-selling products from our shop that any vet tech would love to receive for Vet Tech Week!

1. Vet Med Wellness Journal

The Vet Med Wellness Journal is one of our best-selling vet tech gifts! This journal offers a holistic approach to mental health and helps veterinary professionals create a daily routine that promotes self-reflection and emotional wellness — a much needed habit for the professionals in our field who often face high amounts of daily stress that can lead to compassion fatigue, burnout, and mental health struggles. When you gift this journal to your vet techs, you are helping to make a difference in their lives!

Our new and improved Vet Med Wellness Journal features a hard cover with our classic floral veterinary caduceus design and new + improved prompts, including a new health tracker for tracking sleep, steps, and water intake.

And if you’re a clinic interested in gifting a journal to each of your vet techs, check out our bulk journal discount. Buy 10 or more journals and you can save 20% with code BULKJOURNALS10. 

Oh, and if the vet tech in your life is more of an iPad girlie than a physical journal lover, check out our new ultimate digital veterinary planner that includes the Vet Med Wellness journal! It also includes monthly and weekly planner pages, weekly reflection prompts, and SOAP template pages.

2. Scrub Caps

The veterinary technician in your life can NEVER have too many scrub caps. I mean, who wants to look boring during surgery? Not YOUR vet techs. We offer different designs to match every personality on your staff and two sizes (ponytail + regular) to fit no matter how long your mane, I mean hair, is! And scrub caps don’t just look good, they are made from a durable material that can withstand the chaos of a vet clinic. Check out some of our new + classic designs below. 

3. Vet Tech Gifts: Hair Accessories

Keeping your hair out of your face (or even worse places that we don’t even want to imagine) is crucial for vet techs. Our collection of scrunchies and headbands feature fun veterinary inspired designs that are perfect for in the clinic or showing your vet med pride while off-duty. 

We recently launched two new designs that our community has been asking about for a long time. If you’re a large animal vet tech, this one’s for you!

And after many many requests, we’re so excited to finally have our Dragging Ass design available in headband and scrunchie. Hair accessories are a great option for affordable vet tech gifts that your long-haired vet techs will love!

Check out our other hair accessories designs below. And keep scrolling for more vet tech gifts!

4. Vet Tech Approved Apparel

Look good, feel good, and show off your veterinary pride with Love Huvet’s collection of apparel! Check out our new shirts, sweatshirts, baseball caps, and beanies perfect for Fall.

Looking for vet tech gifts that show off your vet med pride? Check our Be The Change and Never Forget Why designs 💪

Because sometimes vet tech gifts should be a lil sassy 😉 

Skull obsessed? Check out our collection of animal skull apparel, including our new Spooky Boop t-shirt. The perfect vet tech gifts for the anatomy lovers on your veterinary staff.

5. Croc Charms

Crocs have quickly become the unofficial footwear of the vet world. So we can't talk about vet tech gifts without talking about croc charms! Check out our collection of unique veterinary croc charms below. 

6. Vet Tech Gifts: Stethoscope Charms

Add flair and personality to your look with our interchangeable stethoscope charms. What’s cool is that these charms feature a velcro backing that works on both our stethoscope tag and badge reel attachment. Swap any of the charms in our shop from stethoscope to badge reel with ease or simply swap from one charm to the next to fit your mood + personality!

7. Koozies

We know, we know. Iced coffee is basically a staple for vet techs or anyone who works in vet med. But we can’t be the only ones who absolutely hate the desk puddles that form once the ice stars melting!

Enter: iced coffee koozies. These koozies are a great idea if you’re looking for vet tech gifts that are fun but still affordable. Our 16 oz is good for your favorite beverages from Starbucks or Dunkin and can even work with your tumblers. We also carry slim can koozies perfect for energy drinks or those afterwork beverages 😉

8. Vet Tech Gifts: Stickers

We can’t talk about vet tech gifts without talking about STICKERS! And we have a sticker for every mood, vibe, or personality. Check out our ultimate sticker guide for a run down on our entire collection!

Save on Vet Tech Gifts with Bundles

Whoever said less is more clearly never had to buy vet tech gifts for an entire clinic! We know it can feel overwhelming (especially when you want to make everyone feel special) which is why we’ve created pre-made bundles perfect for Vet Tech Week. Use this guide to figure out which bundle you need for your budget, staff size, and preference. 

BYO Vet Tech Bundle

The Build Your Own Vet Tech Appreciation Bundle — last year’s best-selling bundle for Vet Tech Week! This bundle is perfect if you’re buying vet tech gifts for one to two vet techs and you want to be able to customize each bundle. 

First, you’ll choose between our Vet Med Wellness Journal or a scrub cap (choose your design). Next, you’ll choose either: a keychain, one badge reel with your choice of charm, one stethoscope tag with your choice of charm. Then you’ll choose either: a scrunchie or croc charm. And finally your order will include three mystery stickers! If you have a preference for stickers, include it in your order notes and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

DIY Vet Tech Gifts

Another great option if you’re buying for one to two vet techs (or maybe yourself 😉) is our tumbler + sticker bundle! This bundle features a tumbler (it’s basically a Stanley dupe) and your choice of any sticker pack from our shop. 

Our stickers are waterproof, weatherproof, and dishwasher safe so they are perfect for decorating your new tumbler!

Vet Tech Gifts on a Budget: Mini Bundle

If your budget is tight but you still want to make a big impression with the vet tech in your life, you can save on vet tech gifts with our Mini Vet Tech Week Gift Bundle. This bundle includes our one-of-a-kind indestructible veterinary pocket notebook with lined paper, your choice of hard enamel keychain, and your choice of scrunchie from our shop. Add a few stickers to take your vet tech gifts to the next level!

Vet Tech Gifts for the Whole Clinic

Got a whole squad to appreciate? We have two bundles to help you grab the best vet tech gifts from our shop.

The Split-It-Up Group Bundle will save you 20% and includes one indestructible veterinary pocket notebook with lined paper, one badge reel with your choice of charm, one stethoscope tag with your choice of charm, one hard enamel keychain, and one headband (your choice of design). 

You could buy this bundle for one vet tech or buy one bundle to split the vet tech gifts between up to 5 vet techs on your team. 

Taking your vet tech gifts to the next level: Grab 5 stickers from our shop or add a sticker pack to add some extra oomph without breaking the bank. You can create your own sticker pack by using code FREE5STICK at checkout (add 5 stickers to your cart + one will be free).

Biggest Savings for Vet Tech Week — Treat Your Techs Bundle

Ready to go all out on vet tech gifts for the vet techs on your team and you're not too worried about customization? Check out our Treat Your Techs Bundle — and save 25%! 

With this bundle you choose how many sets you need (2-5) and each vet tech gift set includes a Vet Med Wellness Journal, one koozie, one hard enamel keychain, and three mystery stickers. 

You can include in your order notes whether you want us to try to give you all of the same designs for each set or mix it up (or if you have a design preference… but keep in mind we can’t promise to meet every request so if customization is important to you, check out our Build Your Own Bundle options).

Customize Your Vet Tech Gifts with More BYO Bundles

We’ve included a few more build-your-own options to help you save on vet tech gifts from our shop! Check out our build your own croc charm bundle, build your own pin pack, build your own scrub cap bundle, and build your own charm bundle below.

Bulk Sticker Deals for Vet Tech Week

We may be biased but you can truly never have too many stickers! If you have a very large veterinary staff or a small budget for vet tech gifts, stickers are a small but mighty gift. 

Check out our bulk sticker deals below to save BIG on our collection of stickers. If picking out your stickers doesn’t matter to you, check out our Bulk Sticker Bundles and save 30-50%! Wanna pick out your stickers or maybe you need less than 30 stickers, check out our bulk sticker discount codes. 

Want EVERY SINGLE STICKER from our shop? We have a listing for that, too!

PS: if you want to really make an emotional impact with your vet tech gifts, consider including hand-written notes or thank you cards with other gifts or thoughtful actions. We had a few community members share that some of their most memorable vet tech gifts were the more sentimental ones from leadership. Remember: your team wants to know that you value them, and nothing says “I see you” like acknowledging them and thanking them with a letter.

Last Minute Vet Tech Gifts

Maybe you’re reading this on October 14… or October 20 (Vet Tech Week is October 15 - 21, 2023) and you’re like 😮😮😮😮 I FORGOT THE VET TECH GIFTS! 

Don’t worry — it’s not too late to make your veterinary technicians feel appreciated. Check out our digital vet tech gifts below, including fun Vet Tech Week activities you can do with your staff.

Want your vet tech to get 100% choice on their vet tech gifts from our shop? Gift them a Love Huvet gift card!

Why Choose Love Huvet for Your Vet Tech Gifts?

As a vet tech owned business, celebrating vet techs and uplifting the entire veterinary community is so important to us. When you shop our small business, you’re supporting our mission to Be the Change We Wish to See in Veterinary Medicine and helping us make the world of veterinary medicine a better place. Learn more about our story + mission here.

Shop Vet Tech Gifts

We hope you found the perfect vet tech gifts for Vet Tech Week or any other time you want to celebrate the veterinary professional in your life! 

If you found this gift guide helpful, share it with your clinic managers, hospital owners, veterinarians, and anyone else looking for vet tech gifts for vet tech week. 

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