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Vet Tech Stickers You'll Love | A Guide by Love Huvet

Hey vet techs + veterinary professionals! We know you are looking for the very best vet tech and vet med inspired stickers to add to your collection, and you’re in the right place. If you’re new here — hi! We’re Love Huvet, formerly Vet Stickers, and we create fun + unique stickers, apparel, accessories, and more for veterinary professionals + students. We’ve put together this ultimate guide to our sticker collection to help you find your new favorite vet tech stickers from our shop.

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From Vet Tech to Vet Tech Stickers

When I created Love Huvet, it was more of a happy accident than something I planned out — and a sticker started it all. It was July 2020 and I was working as a vet tech (at a clinic I absolutely loved). As many of us experienced during the pandemic, morale was pretty low among veterinary staff so I was looking for a way to put a smile on the faces of my co-workers. I love crafting and I came up with the idea to create a funny veterinary sticker. I just so happened to film the process of creating and designing this sticker; at the time I was getting into TikTok and thought “what the heck”. I didn’t expect anything to happen from posting a video about a sticker I created as a gift for my co-workers — but when I woke up the next day, the TikTok video already had over 50,000 views and so many comments from vet techs and other veterinary professionals asking where they could buy one for themselves and their co-workers. And the rest is history!

So it’s safe to say stickers hold a pretty special place in our hearts here at Love Huvet. PS: you can read more about our story and my journey in vet med here .

Vet Tech Stickers: Best Sellers + New Releases

We’ve created a guide to our entire collection of vet tech stickers below but if you’re short on time and looking for our favorite vet tech stickers, we’ve included some of our best-sellers, classics, and new releases below.

Best Selling + Classic Vet Tech Stickers

Recently Launched Vet Tech Stickers

How to Apply Your Vet Tech Stickers

Our stickers are water resistant, weather proof, and dishwasher safe — so you can be confident your new vet tech stickers will last no matter where you stick them. For best results, clean your surface first before applying your sticker but make sure to not leave any residue (from the soap or cleaner) behind. Worried about air bubbles? Apply your sticker slowly starting from one edge and working towards the other end, smoothing out any air bubbles along the way.

If you want to be sure you’re getting the BEST stick from your Love Huvet stickers, do a quick Google search around how to best prep the type of surface you’re planning to use.

Where to Apply Your Vet Tech Stickers

When it comes to where to apply your vet tech stickers, the possibilities are limitless! Honestly, the hardest part about getting a new sticker is deciding where to place it (which is why we recommend grabbing a few to make the choice easier). And you won’t have to worry about ruining your stickers because our vet tech stickers are durable!

Vet Tech Stickers that are Durable!

Our weatherproof stickers are printed on premium vinyl with a permanent adhesive and are coated with a protective laminate that makes them durable and resistant to fading, scratching, tearing, and water. They can withstand exposure from the dishwasher, rain, snow, sunlight and more.

Ideas for Where to Place Your Vet Tech Stickers

You can place your vet tech stickers just about anywhere but here are some ideas for where to put your vet med inspired stickers. And don’t get stuck on where to stick your new favorite stickers (see what we did there hehe). If you plan on getting a collection of stickers, placing all of your stickers in the same place can feel more cohesive and like a collection. But we’ve also seen some creative ways that people have spread the joy with vet tech stickers throughout their clinic (check out the TikTok below) so you have plenty of options. Don’t overthink it + remember — you can never have too many stickers so once you’ve filled up one space, start filling up another!

Here are a few ideas for where to place your vet tech stickers:

  • car bumper or car back window
  • mirror
  • filing cabinet
  • surfboard / skateboard
  • ipad / tablet
  • clipboard
  • hard luggage
  • bicycle / scooter
  • insulated travel mug

Another idea for your Vet Tech Stickers:

  • create a sticker collecting album: afraid of commitment or maybe you’re just saving your vet tech stickers for a special day? Building a sticker album that stores and protects your stickers is a great idea.

Explore our Collection of Vet Tech Stickers

We have nearly 100 vet tech and veterinary inspired stickers currently in our collection and launch new designs every season. We’ve sorted our entire collection by species + category below to help you find the right vet med stickers for you. Use the menu to jump to the species or category you’re interested in or scroll through and check out our entire collection.

Cat (Feline) Stickers

Dog (Canine) Stickers

Farm Animal / Large Animal / Horse Stickers

Exotic Animal Stickers

Quotes | Vet Tech Stickers

Stickers Related to Title

Deals on Vet Tech Stickers

Stickers are an excellent way to celebrate a vet tech, veterinary professional, or veterinary student in your life. And if you’re buying in bulk for you clinic or veterinary staff, we have bulk deals available to help you save. Vet Tech Week 2023 is coming soon and your vet techs would love to receive stickers from our shop (plus a few other goodies like our best-selling Vet Med Wellness Journal, ponytail + classic scrub caps, and croc charms).

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  • Sticker Packs — with our sticker packs, you’re getting 5 stickers for the price of 4! Interested in building your own sticker pack? Add five stickers to your cart and use code FREE5STICK at checkout to get the lowest price sticker for free. 
  • Bulk Deals on Vet Tech Stickers — buying in bulk for your clinic or veterinary hospital? Make sure to use one of our bulk discount codes below. We’ll also have exclusive discounts for Vet Tech Week 2023 – check them out here!
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Custom Stickers + Sticker Sheets for Vet Tech Week, Conferences, Clubs, and more!

If you want to do something really special for your vet techs, veterinary staff, or school club or if you’re looking for a way to share your brand or company at a veterinary conference, consider working with Love Huvet to create a custom sticker or custom sticker sheet. We can help you design a custom sticker or collaborate some of our designs with your custom request or company logo on a sticker sheet. Click here to learn more about custom projects with Love Huvet.

vet tech stickers custom
Sticker Sheet Designed for Mind-Body-Thrive Lifestyle

What are you waiting for — time to stock up on vet tech stickers! We hope you found this guide helpful. If you purchase stickers or anything from our shop, we’d love to for you to tag us on social media @love.huvet. Be sure to follow us on Instagram + TikTok for updates on upcoming launches and Vet Tech Week 2023 deals.

And if you have a suggestion for a sticker, we’d love to hear from you. We’re always growing our collection of vet tech and veterinary stickers and are currently looking for new ideas for wildlife, exotic, + large animal stickers, veterinary quote stickers, and more. Have an idea? Send us a direct message on Instagram!

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