Veterinary Receptionist Week; 6 things your receptionist needs today

Time to spoil your veterinary receptionist!

Your receptionists are the face of your clinic- they are the first people anyone who enters your clinics sees and they are also the last. Let's be honest, they deal with A LOT of crap and deserve to feel appreciated every day. Let's make them feel extra spoiled this year for Veterinary Receptionist Week 2022 with products from Love Huvet!

What is a veterinary receptionist?

A veterinary receptionist is the first line of defense for a veterinary hospital. Just kidding (but not really). Their role is very valuable to the clinic as they are the first and last face you see at a clinic - talk about pressure! They are the ones that leave a lasting impression while juggling other duties like managing the phones, scheduling appointments, administrative tasks, some may even fill medications dispensed by the veterinarian, take inventory, and much more.

When should you buy a gift for a veterinary receptionist?

Some feel love or appreciation through gifts, and it's a great way to say, "thank you for all you do!" Here are some special events for when to buy a gift for a veterinary receptionist:

  • Veterinary Receptionist Week (April 24th–30th, 2022)
  • Veterinary Receptionist Appreciation Day (every October 1st)
  • A milestone in their career
  • Receptionist Day (every second Wednesday of May)
  • Employee Appreciation Day (every first Friday of March)
  • The receptionist’ birthday
  • Christmas
  • The birth of a new child
  • Mother or Father's Day

Not sure what to get as a gift for a veterinary receptionist in your life? Here are 6 gifts from Love Huvet that they will love:

  1. Stickers (duh!): Everyone loves stickers, especially ones that bring humor to the field. Each one of our stickers are water/weather-proof and dishwasher safe. Vet Receptionist Week Gift
  2. Name Tags: These tags are a great way to get a personable gift for an employee/coworker. Think of a characteristic they have, maybe it's something they're known for in the clinic, then make it into a fun name tag! 
  3. Keychains: The perfect addition to your employees keys or bag. 
  4. HeadwearHeadbands and scrunchies are a great accessory for anyone with long hair, especially ones with spicy purritos on them! 
  5. Gift CardNot sure which product they'll love? Get them a gift card so they can pick!
  6. ApparelOur apparel is fashionable yet comfortable. We have styles with text like our No Pet Questions T-shirt or symbols from the field like our Vet Med Doodle T-shirt 

 Thank you to all the veterinary receptionists in the field! 

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