Holiday Gift Guide 2023: The Best Vet Tech Gifts

Vet Tech Gifts

If you or someone you love works in veterinary medicine, then you know veterinarians, vet techs, veterinary nurses, and veterinary receptionists are some of the hardest working people imaginable. They often work long hours at understaffed clinics and have to deal with under-appreciative clients in an already stressful profession. And although they are super passionate about what they do and find their career extremely rewarding (even on the hardest days), 49% of veterinary professionals experience “moderate-to-substantial” workplace burnout.* 1

So we think it’s safe to say that the veterinary professional in your life deserves spoiling (all year round but especially during the holiday season). But finding vet techs gifts isn’t always easy — especially ones that you or the vet tech / veterinary professional in your life will absolutely love.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself, your favorite co-worker, your entire veterinary staff, or a loved one who works in veterinary medicine this holiday season, we have compiled the ultimate list of vet tech gifts to make your holiday shopping easier than ever and guarantee that you give / receive a gift that screams “I work in Vet Med!”

And we want to thank you for shopping Love Huvet for your vet tech gifts and veterinary gifts this holiday season. When you get your vet tech gifts from us, you're supporting a small business owned and ran by a veterinary professional. We appreciate every order and are honored to be a part of your holiday season!

1. The Best Vet Tech Gifts

In a hurry? We understand. We’ll cut right to the chase and share our top five picks for vet tech gifts that will leave any veterinarian, vet tech, or veterinary nurse saying “this is my favorite gift EVER!” 

(TBH: #4 on this list was a really close call so if you have an extra minute, scroll to #4 to see the brand new veterinary gift we're launching on 11/25.)

The Vet Med Wellness Journal

The Vet Med Wellness Journal is our best-selling product — and for good reason. It is truly the ultimate gift for veterinary technicians or anyone who works in veterinary medicine! And we've sold out of it SEVEN times -- so if you're thinking of grabbing a few as vet tech gifts, grab them before they're gone!

This daily wellness journal is the perfect place to vent and reflect after your day at the clinic, and it was designed specifically for veterinary professionals with questions like favorite case of the day, who did you boop today, and so much more. Plus, our Vet Med Wellness Journal received a big revamp this year – with an updated hard cover (available in our Classic Veterinary Floral design or in a sleek matte black) and updated inside pages!

Working in vet med can be difficult and this journal is an easy way to decompress after a long day by getting all of your thoughts and feelings down on paper and off of your chest.

Buying vet tech gifts in bulk or interested in ordering for a group? Order 10 or more journals and get 20% off ($5+ off per book) with code BulkJournals10 .

Scrub Caps for Veterinary Professionals

Scrub caps are an essential part of any scrub ensemble and a must-have when going into surgery. It’s true that you can never have too many scrub caps while working in veterinary medicine. But the veterinary technician or veterinarian in your life doesn’t want just any old boring scrub cap! If you're looking for vet tech gifts that will knock it out of the park this year, grab a scrub cap (or two) designed specifically for vet med.

Scrub caps are excellent veterinary and vet tech gifts (and we recommend grabbing a matching headband or scrunchie to go with it). We have several designs available for you to choose from — including new ponytail styles for those with long hair – in sassy and fun designs that any vet tech or veterinary professional will love!

The Indestructible Pocket Notebook

The Indestructible Pocket Notebook for Veterinary Professionals is a must-have vet tech gift for anyone in veterinary medicine (especially great for internships or vet students!)

It's perfect for when you need to write down a mental note, jot down a quick reminder, or record your patient findings. It's waterproof, tear-proof, and smear-proof AND fits in your pocket. Plus, you can choose between our SOAP template or lined paper versions.

Click here to see it in action here!

Vet Tech Gifts: CROC CHARMS

When it comes to vet tech gifts, this one is a no brainer. Crocs are a staple for veterinary professionals and now you can decorate your favorite pair of crocs with cute vet med charms available in our best-selling and classic vet med designs

Stethoscope Charms

Add flair and personality to your look with our interchangeable stethoscope charms. What’s cool is that these charms feature a velcro backing that works on both our stethoscope tag and badge reel attachment. Swap any of the charms in our shop from stethoscope to badge reel with ease or simply swap from one charm to the next to fit your mood + personality!

2. Vet Tech Gifts that are Perfect for the Holiday Season

If you’re looking for vet tech gifts that are perfect for the holiday season, keep reading; we have the perfect vet tech gifts for you or a loved one in vet med.

An Ugly Sweater Perfect for Vet Techs

Ugly sweaters are an essential for holiday parties — and what could be more fun than an ugly sweater designed specifically for the vet med community?! As far as vet tech gifts go, winning the “best ugly sweater” contest at your clinic’s holiday party is hard to beat!

We’re excited to announce that we’re bringing back our Ugly Sweaters from last year: Dragging Ass Through the Snow and Jingle Balls! These are only available during the holiday season — and we’re not sure if we’ll bring them back for next year or do something totally new — so grab one or two as vet tech gifts before they’re gone! 

Winter Apparel for Veterinary Staff

Ugly sweaters are great for holiday parties but what about the rest of the hoilday season? Well we’ve got you covered with shirts and sweaters perfect for the veterinarian or vet tech on your holiday list. Our winter apparel will include some of our previous designs like “Be the Change You Wish to See in Vet Med” and “No Questions About Your Pet” in new colors that are perfect for winter, and make excellent vet tech gifts that can be worn around the house or at the clinic.

3. Vet Tech Gifts New to Love Huvet

We recently launched two new products that we know the vet techs and veterinary professionals in your life will LOVE: Disc Journals and Fanny Packs!!

New Vet Tech Gifts: Disc Journals

Create your own perfect planner with our new Vet Med Disc Journals. Start by choosing a cover and then choosing the inserts you want! Best part: our disc journals are compatible with similar disc journals (like the Happy Planner) so you can mix and match to tailor to your needs and wants. PS: our guide inserts will be back in stock early December!

Vet Tech Gifts: FANNY PACKS

You've been asking for these for a long time and we're super excited to finally have them in stock and available: FANNY PACKS! These stylish and versatile bags can be used as a nurse pack for easy access to instruments or as a fun accessory for a night out. And the adjustable straps make it perfect for any adventure! Available in our Animal Skulls design, our  Floral Veterinary Caduceus Design (with Never Forget Why You Started) on the back, and in a discreet neutral black with our Sold My Soul to Vet Med design inside! 

4. Spoil Your Vet Techs + Veterinary Staff with Bundles and Vet Etch Gifts in Bulk

If you’re looking for vet tech gifts in bulk or plenty of vet tech gifts to spoil your staff with, look no further! From badge reels to stickers to last minute gifts that will make everyone in the clinic smile, there’s plenty of vet tech gifts for you to choose from this holiday season when you shop with Love Huvet.

Badge Reels Make Excellent Vet Etch Gifts

Say goodbye to wearing the same ol’ same ol’ badge reel day after day — and say hello to our BYO Badge Reel Bundle! With the BYO Badge Reel Bundle, you get four interchangable badge reel designs that you can easily stick on and off your badge reel or stethoscope (provided with bundle) to update your look daily to fit the mood. Choose from eight different designs including Spicy Purrito, Night Shift Warrior, Outcome not Income, and more!

And check out our holiday badge reels!

Stickers are Easy Vet Tech Gifts for the Holidays

We couldn’t create a list of the ultimate vet tech gifts without including STICKERS! In case you didn’t know, when we first launched our business in 2020 we were actually known as VetStickers. As our product line evolved, so did our name — but we are still sticker lovers through and through.

If you are buying vet tech gifts in bulk, our sticker packs are a great way to get some of our best-selling and most-loved stickers at a great deal. But we’ll leave the hard decision of dividing up your sticker haul amongst your staff to you.

Looking for a fun and creative way to hand out stickers to your staff this holiday season? Check out our blog post The Vet Tech’s Guide to Surviving the Holiday Season to learn how you can make a DIY Advent Calendar using Love Huvet stickers.

5. Last Minute Vet Tech Gifts They Will Love

If you're a veterinary professional, then you might not have time to search for the best vet tech gifts or maybe you need a last minute gift that the veterinarian, vet tech, or veterinary professional in your life will love! Ditch the guesswork and grab a Love Huvet gift card — it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

And speaking of last minute -- be sure to grab your vet tech gifts by 12/18 to avoid additional shipping costs.

Finding the best vet tech gifts is easier than ever

Wondering what to get a veterinarian or someone who works in vet med for Christmas or the winter holidays? Scroll up to read our list of the best vet tech gifts — all available on And the best part of shopping for your vet tech gifts with Love Huvet? Our products are created BY a vet tech  FOR veterinary professionals so you can be sure that the veterinarians, vet techs, veterinary receptionists, veterinary nurses, and vet med staff in your life get fun and unique vet tech gifts this holiday season. We appreciate you shopping our small business this holiday season for all of your favorite vet tech gifts.

PS — if you work in veterinary medicine, send this guide to the ultimate vet tech gifts to the people in your life planning to buy you a gift this season so they know exactly what you've added to your list! And if anyone asks where to find the best vet tech gifts, we would be so grateful for you to recommend Love Huvet!

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